Company History

Niagara Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading healthcare and mobility products manufacturers. Established for over 50  years, we have a long history of helping literally thousands of  people enjoy a more rich, fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.

The principle

At the very heart of the Niagara story we find the Cyclo-Massage® effect. Massage itself is as old as any form of human therapy.

Generally safe, non-invasive and instantly soothing… not surprisingly there have, over the centuries, been numerous attempts to devise patented mechanical or automatic approaches to provide the undoubted benefits without all the special skill, time and sheer physical work which massage tends to demand. Cyclo Massage

The machine age of course opened up a variety of new  opportunities in massage, but most of these systems were seriously flawed. Whilst they delivered the massage energy by various means, all involved some form of pounding, often piston-like or hammering action.While this may have an apparent effect in stimulating (actually agitating muscle and tissue) the jolting and rattling side-effect is likely to do  rather worse than cancel out any real benefit finally achieved.

In total contrast… Cyclo-Massage®… the secret shared by each of the original Niagara products, works on a radically different principle. Cyclo-Massage® Therapy employs a unique elliptical movement, perhaps best described as a sort of wave in three-dimensional form. It operates rather like a gyroscope, creating a subtle, soothing, cycloidal (instead of just jarring) vibration.

This is achieved by the fact that the multi-directional energy waves are moving north/south, east/west, while also actually rotating on a constant basis.The result? Deep, gentle, relaxing treatment,without any of those conventional side-effect worries.

History of the idea…

Cyclo-Massage® is clearly a brilliant concept, and like many such ideas, it has fascinatingly simple beginnings. Canada’s coal-mines in the 1930s. William Wettlaufer had invented a new machine based on a shuffling action to sift and separate various grades of coal.

The system worked well enough, but he was more interested by the number of workers who leaned or sat on the machine during breaks, because they found it such an excellent way to soothe aching backs and revive weary muscles.

The inventor spent time producing scaled-down versions of his promising machine, and a prototype bought at auction, years later, eventually led to Owen K. Murphy acquiring the patent and starting to refine and produce the machine which saw the birth of the Niagara
Healthcare, a company which is one of the largest manufacturers of therapy products in the world today.

A company still dedicated to finding novel, imaginative, natural answers to a wide variety of health problems. But also a company with scrupulous standards and the most exacting approach to quality – underlined by full compliance ISO 9000:2000 and EN13485:2003.

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