Adjustamatic Beds Limited

Perhaps best known of all the excellent products in the unique company range is the Adjustamatic bed. Most conventional, flat beds are accepted or tolerated by their users simply because most people are unaware of what a difference a really good bed could make to their lives.

Adjustamatic bedsSo just what makes these beds so very special? The main clue is in the name – they effortlessly adjust to suit the body-shape and the mood of the user.This has obvious comfort benefits, but it’s also vital in avoiding the commonest sleep problem – pressure points.

These are typically the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles… those complex, bony parts of the body which tend to have the most contact with your mattress.Too much prolonged contact sets up discomfort… causes tossing and turning… broken sleep and then eventually… inability to sleep. The unique design of the Adjustamatic bed minimises the classic pressure point symptoms.

Users agree that simply knowing and trusting its amazing comfort and capability sends them off to bed in a more relaxed, confident state of mind – even before lying down on that sensational mattress, and before its very real, tangible benefits start to take effect.

For more information on our range of adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs, please visit or call 0800 037 0494.

Adjustamatic is a trading name of Adjustamatic Beds Limited.

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