Customer Testimonials

Adjustmatic Beds Limited

“After several weeks using the bed, it has relieved the pain in my back and hips and reduced the swelling in my ankles. I now consider it the best investment I ever made.”

T B, Leicestershire

“It really is wonderful that I can get up in the morning without pain. Everyone is amazed to see me walking on my own now. After many years of suffering, I must say a big ‘Thank You’ to my new Adjustamatic Bed.”

Ms M H T, Renfrewshire

“I have back damage and my wife has sciatica, so previously we rarely slept through the night. Since having the bed, and using the gentle massage, we sleep through the night free of pain and discomfort.”

E S, Croydon

“I just want to say I have had an Adjustamatic bed for 20 years. It still works perfectly and I am delighted with it. Thank you.”

J. Jackson, Northants

“I have had my adjustamatic bed for 4 weeks. I use it several times a day to ease the aches and pains of fibromyalgia. Pity I can’t take it on holiday!”

L.Andrews, Lewes


“Equissage is a great help for horses recovering from injury and gives a competitive edge to horses that are fit and racing.”

James Fanshawe

“The Equissage relaxes and loosens horses before work, schooling, and Racing”

Ferdy Murphy, Middleham

“As a training, schooling and rehab yard we have horses at varying stages of their development and often with physical dysfunctions of one form or another. Equissage therapy is an integral part of our daily management routine as it not only helps eliminate
stiffness and tensions associated with working young, jumping or dressage horses, but is invaluable in our rehab work plus of course in keeping the competition horses in tip top shape. Thank you Equissage for providing a 24-7 physio.”

Fred and Rowena Cook, Equine Management and Training.

Niagara Therapy (U.K.) Limited

“Now I can sleep for the first time in years, my legs and feet used to ache so much I felt like cutting my legs off. I used to have 8 tablets a day, but now I have none. When I saw my doctor, he was very impressed because I had been on tablets for years”,


“I have been using my chair for five weeks now and am truly delighted and astonished with all the good improvements it has rapidly been making to my whole health”

J Wootten

“I use it twice a day (Niagara Therapy Massage product)….I can now feel my feet and have sensation in my hands. It has helped me greatly. My pain is now a great deal less. Thank you.”

Mrs S of Newcastle – Diabetic.

“I experienced relief after the first week of use…What a marvellous feeling.”

Mrs W of Fife – Arthritis sufferer

“I feel so much better than I was…I would certainly recommend it”

Mr AP Liverpool

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