Although the Equissage has existed in the Niagara range of products for some 20 years it is only in the past few years that the extent of the applications and demand for this therapy has become apparent.

EquissageEquissage became a separate division of Niagara Healthcare in 2001. The result is that we have a dedicated team of sales advisors throughout the UK. Every member of this team is selected for their skill and knowledge of horses and is fully trained in the use of the Equissage to help our customers to work with their horses in any situation.

There is a back up team to ensure that any customer queries or problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. There are distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Australia, to serve overseas demands and enquiries.

All Equissage products now work from re-chargeable batteries thereby eliminating any risk associated with mains electricity in stables. There is a simple to follow manual with each Equissage to explain how best to treat different conditions.

For more information please visit www.equissage.co.uk

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