Niagara Therapy (U.K.) Limited

As one of the largest manufacturers of therapeutic products in the world, Niagara has, since the 1940s been building a very special reputation with health authorities, practitioners and of course with thousands of patients on every continent.

Niagara Therapy UKFrom its inception, the company has worked on the belief that even products and approaches, which seem to provide excellent answers, can always be improved. This is why Niagara has earned such a reputation for encouraging independent medical research in universities, institutes, and teaching hospitals around the world.

A summary of regular uses for Niagara products would include: encouraging natural rest and relaxation, soothing rheumatic and arthritic pain, improving blood circulation, better lymphatic drainage…reducing swelling…the list is fairly comprehensive.

Niagara Cyloid-Action and the positoinal benefits of some of the products also help in a number of key areas such as sufferers of Hiatus Hernia, Insomnia and Chronic Lung Diseases, as well as relieving secondary conditions associated with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Asthma.

Cyclo-Massage is not a cure for these conditions but it can do much to help alleviate the symptoms associated with them. It is designed to complement the range of current therapies available from the Medical Profession.

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Niagara & Niagara Therapy are trading names of Niagara Therapy (U.K.) Limited.

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