A World of Healthcare Products………….

Suppliers of specialist healthcare equipment to medical, beauty, sport and veterinary professions.

Our Brands

Wonderfully comfortable, world famous, adjustable beds… the definitive choice of luxurious reclining armchairs… a comprehensive range of unique approaches to soothe away pain and tension (and not just human ailments… but equine and canine too)… a totally practical, affordable fleet of mobility scooters and last but not least a lower limb exerciser providing a progressive, safe and rhythmic movement pattern, designed to improve joint mobility, proprioception and dynamic muscle stability for the lower limb and pelvic regions.

Without a doubt , a remarkably diverse portfolio.

But there is a very logical link. Because each and every one of the ranges or individual products one examines within the Niagara family does in fact improve lives in its own unique way.

Sometimes the particular product’s role may be quite clearly and directly therapeutic. Often, however, the benefit tends to
be rather more oblique, but no less important. For example, when a busy person’s stressful life is improved or enhanced by
the arrival of a superbly comfortable new bed, the benefits to that individual (and probably to family, colleagues and friends) are immeasurable.

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