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Our Vision

Improving quality of life is the sole aim of our entire organisation.

Bringing our quality products and services to as many individuals as possible, is the daily goal for all our employees and partners and all efforts must be geared towards achieving this. 


In achieving this aim, the Niagara Healthcare Group will continue to promote Team Spirit, Family Atmosphere, Motivation and Encouragement of all those within the business with the view to identify and fulfil all employees’ own true potential.

Our Values

Our business vision is built on six key values; these are the fundamental values which make Niagara Healthcare the business that it aims to be. These values are more than just words – they underpin the way that we conduct our business.

We value Quality: We aim to deliver the highest quality possible or available in everything we do when we are dealing with our People, our Products and our Customers.

We value Trust: We work hard to ensure that we do what we say. We keep the promises we make to colleagues and clients, and don’t make excuses. We treat people fairly, are open and honest in everything we do and don’t accept hidden agendas.

We value Pride: We encourage all our people to take responsibility for their part of the operation, to make a personal contribution to their role and to share in the success of the business.

We value Growth: We look to always improve our business in every detail, in every department, in everyway possible. We want to be inventive and imaginative, and don’t allow convention or dullness to get in our way. We are responsive and enthusiastic, and don’t accept failure to perform.

We value Fun: We are very serious about our business and we understand the relationship between an effective operation and a happy workforce.

We value Teamwork: We support each other, care for each other, share ideas and don’t accept behaviour that excludes colleagues. We recognise diversity and the talents and
aspirations of others, and don’t dismiss their views.

We are the Niagara Healthcare Group.

The Niagara Healthcare leadership team brings together a remarkable depth and breadth of experience and talent. Each of us is dedicated to supporting our team and partners whilst serving our customers better than we feel any other domestic healthcare organisation can.

The culture at NHC is defined by its people; a network of exceptional national and international sales advisors, who provide personalised service and product expertise that help our customers achieve their dreams of Feeling better. With experts in every part of the UK, Europe and worldwide, we are local everywhere. Improving lives, building futures.

Experienced Leadership

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